What I picture here is the first postage stamp ever issued anywhere in the world. The PENNY BLACK of Great Britain issued in 1840.  Next is the two penny blue of Great Britain.
The next two images are the 5 and 10 cent issues of 1847 the first stamps ever issued in the USA.
The stamps of 1840 were issued in unperforated sheets of 240 stamps. The letters on the bottom designate what position on the sheet the stamp originated from.
The two stamps above are from my collection with my initials on the bottom. I have a specialized collection of these from different stamp printing plates of the era.
Out of a sheet of 240 stamps only one would have JH on the bottom.

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What are pictured above are the first two stamps ever issued in the USA. The year 1847. I have both of these in my collection, but not the ones pictured.
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